T Exponents Customer Experience (CX) Consulting Services

T Exponents CX and Loyalty Consulting practice provides customer experience & loyalty strategy, design and delivery services.

T Exponents works with clients across a wide variety of industries to deliver superior customer experience strategies that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.



According to Forrester, companies that focus on customer experience (CX) grow their revenues faster and have higher brand preference than their competitors. At the same time, billions of dollars are being invested in CX projects and most are failing to deliver meaningful improvements to their customers’ experience.

A true customer experience redesign requires putting the customer voice at the center of everything your company does. This requires more than just enhanced or new systems. It may require transforming your company’s culture. True customer-centric organizations are focusing on delivering highly-relevant CX based on a deep understanding of the customer and the context in which consumers make purchasing decision.

Focusing on the customer experience and retaining good customers through targeted loyalty programs will be integral to the success of your company.


T Exponents provides customer experience consulting services that will help your organization attract new customers, keep existing customers coming back, and turning customers into advocates.

We can help create a customized, end-to-end CX strategy that is unique to your company, industry and culture. We can also help design and implement your CX strategy using existing systems and processes or through migration to best-in-class CRM platforms.

T Exponent’s CX consulting practice helps companies identify strategies, design and execute customer experience and loyalty programs that drive higher revenues and profitable grwoth.


T Exponents CX and Loyalty practice provides a variety of services that can help companies create value through the following:

  • CX Strategy and Roadmap Development

  • CX Customer Journey Mapping

  • CX Digital Transformation

  • CX Technology Strategy, Evaluation and Selection

  • CX Technology Implementation / Migration